2021- The Year of ILLUSIONS & CHANGE

By Dr. Larra Shah

The upside and the downside of it all….

In the years 2021, 2022, as the South Node of Karma moves into Sagittarius prepares you for Change and a New World. Even if the World doesn’t admit to it, everyone will witness World War 3, it will seem like an Illusion due to the Moons South and North nodes. In the next 11 months you may witness Déjà Vu of major events about 9 years ago 2002- 2003, good or bad that depends on your personal chart. Those who change with the new way of Life will Excel, Compete, and Succeed.

The world will witness the Wheels of Karma turning and churning 2021-2022, Karmic debt settlement during these years will be “As You Sow, You Reap” The New Age Indigo children will have special Spiritual powers that must be nurtured with love. Border Control of many countries will witness Retribution, Payback, Retaliation, and Partition.

This will affect Trade, Travel, and Immigration laws. Don’t panic all is not lost, a small advice – Plan in advance, be strategic, have proper knowledge of your personal chart for 2021- 2022.

Accept Change.

Saturn is Karaka for masses or societies, Jupiter signifies wealth and wisdom. Whenever Saturn and Jupiter conjoin together, or they come into mutual opposition major recession or decline in annual GDP decline takes place. The past world crisis was 2008-09.

Crisis creates Good Change.

2008-09 period saw big companies on its knees, but it also brought forward the greatest number of billionaires. The Karmic cycle of “What you give, comes back” will be on till April 2022. Good change and better economy is foreseen after July 2021 as the conjunctions change position. People will need to change their habits, thoughts and bring integrity into the system. Entrepreneurs with the power of goodwill and honesty will survive with strategy and progressive planning. Traditional businesses will have to change and become more accommodative. Cinema, Art, and Entertainment will work its charm on the World and gain acclaim as an industry.

Overall an optimist attitude with planning will bring success if your Personal chart and karma support you. Change- Plan- Action are the 3 key words for 2021.

Good luck and God Bless

About the author:

Dr. Larra A Shah – Celebrity Holistic Healer and Astro Science expert Alternate Medicine advocate, F.S.R.C Canada, Life Coach & Author

Born with a gift and flair of Intuitive Instincts an extraordinary level of heightened awareness, allowing her to see auras, health problems, futuristic events and past history of her clients. She uses her ‘all-embracing knowledge to empower and help her clients achieve full potential in their journey towards Mind, Body & Spiritual growth. Chakra balancing and Meditation are available on Dr Shah’s insta handle and facebook page FB@larrashah, Insta @larrashah