Action plan for Sun Signs in the year 2021

By Dr. Larra Shah

Aries: Relationships, Education, Legal paperwork and Travel will be your focus in 2021

Taurus: Real estate, Stock market and Charity will bring fulfilment.

Gemini: Avoid double trouble in Love, Partnerships and Feuds.

Cancer: Wellness, Health and Lifestyle change will be your focus.

Leo: Consultancy, Teaching and Coaching will bring success.

Virgo: Relationships, Family and service to Society will be the epicentre of your life.

Libra: Creative work, Music and Digital work will make your life interesting.

Scorpio: Finance, Government Projects and De-cluttering your personal space will be your focus.

Sagittarius: Change, Good will and Focus will draw your attention.

Capricorn: Emotional and Mental wellbeing of work and life balance must be maintained.

Aquarius: Social cause, Inventions and Friends takes over your entire year.

Pisces: New opportunities, Education and People will be your focus.