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5 Easy & Natural Ways Purify the Air in Your Home

By:  Ritika B

Home is where the heart is and where we enjoy spending those peaceful moments to revive from a busy day. Indulging in self-care is important for our well-being, and this starts by creating a relaxing atmosphere at home. Here are some easy ways to purify and deodorize your home naturally, giving you a healthy and happy space, mind, and body!

Air It Out
The simplest, quickest, and most effective way to freshen up a home is to air it out! Welcome each day by opening all the windows and doors, letting in that fresh breeze until of all the stale air is circulated out. Damp spaces such as bathrooms, basements, and laundry rooms should also be frequently aired to prevent mold. During the winters we tend to keep the windows closed, and our house accumulates all the heat and smells in the air which settles in fabrics such as sofas and clothing. Add to that the pungent aroma of South Asian cooking and you have a guaranteed lingering aroma which lasts for days! Air out all those odours daily and you’ll have a fresh and clean space that is guaranteed to recharge your energy levels!

Activated Charcoal Bag
The “activated” charcoal – charcoal with oxygen added to increase its surface area and make it more effective – can absorb unpleasant odours, remove bacteria, harmful pollutants and allergens, and dehumidifies air to prevent mold and mildew. Simply place a bag in each room, closet, car, and even in your gym bag to ward away those toxins and odours. They are non-toxic, eco-friendly, and last a long time!
$10, Canadian Tire

Aromatherapy Diffuser
The use of diffusers are becoming ever so popular lending to their quadruple fold benefits of aromatherapy, air purification, humidification, and of course style! These functional gems not only make for a beautiful decorative statement, but also provide healing, soothing aromas by use of countless essential oils and blends perfect to suit any mood and time of day. Diffusers disperse small molecules of the essential oil via a mist of cool air into the space thereby also acting as a humidifier and air purifier. An instant uplift for your senses, this is a wellness treasure that makes your mind smile, your skin shine and keeps the                                               decor in style!
                                              $60+, Saje Natural Wellness

Air Purifier
Air purifiers with HEPA (High Efficiency Particle Air) filtration can effectively reduce harmful particles in the air such as pollen, smoke, dust, pet dander and more. It can help with indoor allergies and is most beneficial in the bedroom where you likely spend most of your time.
$599, Costco




House Plants
Houseplants are known to improve indoor air quality. Not only do they release oxygen into the air, but they can reduce many airborne toxins that are common in homes. Many varieties of plants are easy to care for such as the Peace Lily which NASA identified as most efficient at removing airborne VOCs (volatile organic compounds) including formaldehyde, ammonia, and benzene.
$13, IKEA


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