Dating in 2020 – technology is taking over the matter of hearts

Dating, a term that has become very casual in today’s world of relationships has evolved from rule-bound courtship. A couple of hundred years ago, marriages were decided based on the social and economic standing of the families. Courtship was a serious matter where a man courted a woman’s attention with the expectation of getting married and yes love was an important element.

Cut to today, dating now has a vast landscape with some serious love seekers and some looking for ‘hookup’ or ‘hangout’. Technology has been a catalyst in changing the dating scene.

Around 91 million people have made profiles on various dating sites, which includes both long term relationships and short-term hookups. Dating as an industry is somewhere around $ 3 billion.

You may find someone in a faraway land!

There is a site or a dating portal for all types of seekers. Some of the leading ones like and eHarmony are well-known for giving a platform to people seeking long term relationship. Tinder, Zoosk, Plenty of Fish, OkCupid are also very popular with a wide age range of people.

OkCupid boasts of best matching algorithm and has a wide range of profiles, right from the ‘on-the-go’ hookup generation to serious members who want to settle down. It allows users to view the activity stream of potential matches.

Technology has indeed expanded the search pool. You may find someone in your neighborhood, city, country or even in a faraway land!

Is technical love is taking the charm away?

Many relationship experts believe that the urge to drop a line over the email or send a text to set up a coffee date has taken away the charm, the romance behind the long form love letters. The written expression of love, the yearning, and putting one’s heart out on the piece of paper in the form of a letter or a poem is slowly fading.

Though there are still couples, who like to follow the sweet process of sending letters and take it slow. If you would like to write a love letter/ e-letter to someone and don’t know what to do, just Google! It is the best place to find help and come up with beautiful lines if in case you have a writer’s block.

Since the technology interference in the matters of the heart is not going to become any less than what it is today, people who are seeking love and stability in relationships need to carefully analyze profiles on the online dating portals before making a move to ‘like’ the profile.

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