Discover your Astrology Elements for August and September 2020

By Dr. Larra A. Shah

Discover your Astrology Element and enjoy good health and success

The elements or the Tatvas as the Vedas describe them are the fundamental building blocks of the Universe. These five elements influence your emotions, reactions, behaviour, and overall health. Three things affect you: the magnetic field of planets, your body’s energetic field and your thoughts. Understanding the elements can help you achieve success, good health, emotional control, courage, and strength.
‘Forewarned is Forearmed’

August: Be optimistic and work will flourish, address small issues, and take up challenges, as it will ensure success.
September: If things are going well, do not implement change unless required.

How to balance the water element:
Imbalance in this element causes sudden mood changes, depression, low immunity, and low energy. Heal your solar chakra with meditation. Drinking adequate quantity of water will be good for health. If water is stored in copper bottle it will help build immunity, herbal or floral
infusions will be beneficial.


August: A set-back in your plans can delay things but trust the universe it will turn out to be for the right reasons. Money will come in towards the end of the month.
September: Confidence, support and partnerships will benefit your work. Negative thoughts can cause relationship issues.

How to balance the Air element:

Imbalance in this element causes anxiety, fear, criticizing nature, aches and pains, and bloating. Have regular meals and chew food slowly, avoid anxiety inducing images and news updates, too much information may cause insomnia. Deep breathing, nature walks and regular yoga pranayam will help build immunity and balance. Keep salt and a full
lemon in the south of your room for good health.


August: This month supports networking, partnerships and collaborations. Restructure and reorganize this month.
September: A set-back can slow things down, keep up the energy and you will win the game at the end of the month.

How to balance the earth element:

Imbalance in this element causes stomach and digestive issues, headache, stubbornness, self-pity, aloofness. Balance your root chakra with mantra chanting. This element is the source of stability earth element represents grounding, logical thinking determination,
peace, and harmony. Go for regular walks.


August: Keep up the good work and money and support will come through collaborations. Avoid too many discussions, this is the time for action.

September: Creative ideas will flow, there will be delays and there will be activity as well. Do not stop, let the positive energy flow.

How to balance the fire element:

Imbalance in this element causes ulcers, acidity, inner conflict, anger, greed, and envy. Balance your heart chakra with mantra chanting. Sunlight lifts your spirits and mood.
Warm coloured fruits like orange, apple, lemons will be beneficial to build immunity and blood circulation.

Space element balancing tip for all Sun Signs
The element is limitless; it induces knowledge and influences the mind and the heart. It is required by all sun signs as it balances all the other tatvas. It connects us and syncs energies. Rhythm and sounds of nature help balance you. Regular practice of yoga,
mantra chanting and meditation can enhance healing and a feeling of harmony with balance.

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