Dr. Larra A Shah – A Healer

Enhancing positive energies and helping people succeed in life

By Aradhna 

Dr. Larra A Shah is a Holistic Healer and Astro Science expert. At a very young age, Dr. Shah discovered that she had the ability to see auras, future events, and past events. She pursued the ancient study of Ayurveda and combined it with knowledge of Astro Science and Healing to create the holistic wellbeing of her clients. Besides healing and giving astro advice, Dr. Shah also works on empowering rural women and children. Through her foundation ‘Revive Project India Foundation’. Her social work is aimed to make villagers at grass root level economically independent and to generate income and opportunities for the community. We spoke with Dr. Larra Shah about the various healing techniques she uses to help people.

What is space healing? How does the energy of space affect a person, and what can be done to make it positive?

Space Healing is a mix of customized corrections in your house, office, factory according to your birth chart without any structural changes. The healing of property creates good vibes, and you can feel the difference almost instantly.

Every substance on the planet has a specific field of energy around it, or what you see as a substance on earth is energy. It is a scientific fact that one part of the energy has manifested itself at a certain level of reverberation, which makes it a physical form.

The disrupted electromagnetic field of the earth affects human brain waves, which is the optimum state for well-being and healing. Where you spend most of your time matters eg.: where you sleep, where you work etc. affects your body energy. How you think, the decisions you take, your health, your money all are affected by the vibrations you absorb from your space.

Your properties have yin and yang, good and bad, positive and negative waves, and these energy waves affect your internal clock. When space healing is customized for you, it helps you live your dream life, enjoy good health, wealth, and success.

This year in 2020, it is most important to heal your space for optimum results in all you do as it is the year of Karma.

You are a renowned astrologer, tell us more about your instinct (natural gift) to predict; is there science behind your predictions?

My gift is unique. I see auras and can tell future happenings for a person or their family. It started early in my childhood, and my grandma recognized it. After certain events in my life, I realized my higher purpose is to help as many people as I can. Through television and radio shows, I was able to reach out to thousands of people and give compassionate coaching and advice to all.

Everything I do is with scientific evaluation, although in many matters’ science has no answers, and spirituality work helps in that area. I practice the art of arranging buildings, objects, space to achieve harmony and balance.

What is Holistic Healing, please share more details about this mystical field of work with our readers

I work with the blend of science and spirituality. Science is an integral part of everything I do, notably predictions. I use mathematical calculations of degrees of planets, and its effect on you. Your Karma, your body energy, and the place where you live, and work also affects your life.

Holistic healing is harnessing the auspicious energies of a space to achieve an optimal state of all prime areas of life such as health, wealth, relationship, finance, and career.

I often give an example of someone buying a plot of land and how it can change a buyer’s life. The application of holistic healing technique begins at the very beginning, from purchasing a plot of land that suits the owner’s needs and personality to the planning and execution of a residential or commercial structure. I guide my clients throughout the process and make them aware of how they can create a state of profound wellness with the spatial and visual harmony of the structure built on the plot.

Astro science is Vedic knowledge of thousands of years that helps us physically, emotionally, and spiritually when combined with science, it enhances instant results. I use many aspects of Astro science to get the desired results of good health, financial growth, good luck, fame, success, happiness, and life dreams.

You have helped many celebrities, please share some interesting incidents

Celebrities are also just like everyone with life problems and personal issues, although I find that they understand themselves better. Celebs also listen to advice carefully and follow it in detail. They do not have doubts and are amazingly focused on what results they want. I met Farah Khan when she was a dance choreographer when I gazed at her aura I had told her she will make not 1 but 2 films with Shahrukh Khan. Farah was shocked when she heard me say it, and it did come true; there are a few more anecdotes when she took my advice seriously and achieved her goal.

Suzanne Roshan had lost important pieces of jewelry, and in my vision, I told her where the lost items were, and she found them! Once at a fashion event, I saw a famous designer and warned his friends that I saw dark black energy following him that will cause some severe problems. He had a major health problem after that. Following that, I met him, and he has taken every advice I have given for good health, business, etc. Almost all of my celeb clients have their energy correction and space healing done. The results are long-lasting and excellent for overall well-being.

There are many rationalists who don’t agree with astrology, have you ever experienced any criticism from them, if yes, how have you tackled it?

Everybody believes that there is a higher energy that exists, which has far more intelligence than us. Deep down, everyone believes in this fact but some admit some don’t. Certain people who practice astrology have made it so compulsive and scary that people shy away from it.

I like skeptics because they have an intelligent mind that questions theories. It’s good to chat and discuss and make then understand about energy. Life is not caged in astrological science and planets. We can change our destiny and achieve our goals, dreams by working on our mind, energy, and knowing more about ourselves.

How can a person get their wishes fulfilled, what is the mantra?

My mantra is to heal and transform. Urban millennials are equipped with a lot of technology and world information. As a new-age civilization, people tend to look outward and judge everything as they see. The core of our being is more important, and knowing your self is the best gift you can give yourself. Those who understand their core and true self will be able to manifest anything they want. I conduct a 2-day workshop on how to manifest your life dreams, desires, and everything you ever wanted. It’s simple and instantly gives results. You can tap into the mantra in these two days and find your core strength and awareness. Mind is a very powerful tool; if you know how to use the universal energies, you can manifest wealth, financial success, good health, relationships, abundance, et all.

Share some information about how life path reading can help an individual or a family live a happier and successful life.

Life path reading is a blend of Astro science and my natural ability to see an aura. A mix of customized corrections according to your birth details or the place where you live/ work.

My U.S.P. is timing – what can happen, when, and what is the right decision to take and the path forward for life goals. An analysis is made on what is right for you, and that is strengthened to give you the optimal result. Figuring and focusing on your strengths can enhance life.