Explore Space Healing secrets with Dr. Larra

By Dr. Larra A. Shah

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”  ― Nikola Tesla                  

Did you know that your house also has its own astrological chart?

There is generic vaastu, feng shui that deals with directions that are supposed to work for all. Everything does not suit every body!

Based on certain details of your property a personal chart is drawn out that is used to work out a customized plan for your house or office space.

So what should be done?

Space Healing is mix of customized corrections of effects of planets and natural elements on you and your space. Space healing is important due to electromagnetic radiation. There is disruption of energy that needs healing for overall well-being. This creates good vibes and you can feel the change almost instantly. Space healing is all about calibrating elements of nature and cosmos, ultimately balancing mind, body, soul.

The energy of a house built on a hill or near a river or in a city is very different from each other. The direction of the wind and the earth vibrations matters. It cannot ever be the same for all around the world. Every city has a different latitude, longitude that must be calculated to ensure good health and prosperity.

What are good vibrations?

You may have experienced this when you go out to a restaurant and you are given a table to sit, if you are not comfortable you either ask for another table or leave the place isn’t it? Why is that? what happened in there? If your body vibrations don’t match the space vibration you can feel uneasy and if you do sit there reluctantly your experience may not be joyful as you expected.

Disrupted electromagnetic field of earth affects human brain waves which is the optimum state for well-being and healing’

Where you spend most of your time matters eg: where you sleep, where you work or spend maximum time, affects your energetic body. How you think, the decisions you take, your health, your money blue print is also affected by the vibrations you absorb from your space.

If you are in positive vibration space, you will have good state of mind and function better. A disturbed state of mind leads to health issues, relationship issues and many such problems. There is no perfect house, but if you apply this science in your existing house or when you build your new house it works like preventive medicine, ensuring success and happiness for the inhabitants.

In the universe there is yin and yang, good and bad, positive and negative waves and its energy waves affects your internal clock.  In 2020,21 & 22 it is most important to heal your space for optimum results in all you do, as these are year of Karma.

Here are my five important tips to balance your house and space.

1) Avoid placing too many potted plants in the house as it can block your career or monies. Avoid plants kept in water, unless you are sure it is in the right direction.

2) Take a big bowl fill it with sea –salt, add a little water to it and place it where ever you spend maximum time. Salt is a good cleanser of energy it also kills bacteria and germs. Change every 4 to 6 weeks.

3) Natural crystals work to enhance good energy if placed in your personal wealth direction. This year place crystals in the North west of your house. Certain crystals this year can bring magnificent good luck.

4) Our cognitive impulses affect our brain and functions, what we see has a direct impact on our mental health. Colours can affect emotions and mental balance. Be careful where you place red or black colour this year. If there is an imbalance remove the excessive red energy.

5) De-clutter and make space for new energy, give away extra stuff in charity with good intentions. Mentally also de-clutter and forgive people and move on. Your karma will be released and this year will be good for you. Small changes can bring big changes.

Space healing is important for mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

Wishing you Good Earth Luck…….

Dr. Larra A Shah – Celebrity Holistic Healer and Astro Science expert Alternate Medicine advocate, F.S.R.C Canada, Life Coach & Author
Born with a gift and flair of Intuitive Instincts an extraordinary level of heightened awareness, allowing her to see auras, health problems, futuristic events and past history of her clients. She uses her ‘all-embracing knowledge to empower and help her clients achieve full potential in their journey towards Mind, Body & Spiritual growth. Chakra balancing and Meditation are available on Dr Shah’s insta handle and Facebook page.
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