Explore Yoga Therapy – its more than just exercise

Yoga Therapy AAARZU

What does a Yoga class mean to you?

Achieving flexibility, stretching, relaxation?

What if you discovered you can achieve way more than just the exercise component of yoga? You can heal your body and bring it back to homeostasis, which can train you to change the way you live your life.

It is called “Yoga Therapy” and it’s more than just Yoga poses.

Yoga Therapy can help with almost any chronic and mental illness. If you are suffering from an imbalance in your body, going to a regular yoga class may not be enough for you. You need a special yoga program designed for you, according to your unique needs and goals. A Yoga Therapist can design an individual’s program based on the condition of their health and needs.

For an example – if you are suffering from long term allergies, yoga poses alone might not be the solution. You might be able to benefit from Jal Neti therapy, which a Yoga Therapist can teach you how to perform and how often, along with a few breathing techniques that will aid your condition.

These yogic techniques can ease the body into a more functional state, where the symptoms can be lessened. Yoga provides to relax and de-stress the patient, which allows medical techniques to work more effectively. Yoga Therapy can even help the person who is going through medical treatment.

Yoga Therapy sessions are designed to for various ailments and can be customized keeping in mind individual’s needs. Even people with disabilities can benefit from Yoga Therapy by having a program designed for their condition and goals. Your program is so unique that it will fit only your goals.

A program can be designed for almost any illness or imbalance in the body, which might include some other techniques as well, rather than just yoga poses. Yoga Therapy is specific and targeted towards symptom reduction and management to get results. Yoga therapists do not diagnose the condition but rather help to treat them.

A Yoga Therapy program can include some of these techniques: Yoga Asanas (Poses), Pranayama (breathing techniques), Chanting, Shatkarma (practices of purification), Panchkarama (cleansing and rejuvenating program), Meditation, Area Steam Therapy and Diet plan.

Holistic therapy is never meant as a substitute for medical advice, you should always consult your doctor before conducting any therapy program. 

Author’s Bio: Kiran Rampuri is a Certified Yoga Therapist and Registered Yoga Teacher. She has over 11 years of experience in teaching yoga. She has helped many people overcome their health issues through regular yoga practice. Her belief is that no one should suffer with diseases as these are just imbalance within the body which can be brought back into balance through yoga and self-awareness at an early stage.