Feng Shui & Astrology for the December 2020

Month of Rat: Dec 07 to Jan. 05 2021

Welcome to the month of RAT in his own year and last month of 2020. Rat is closely associated with the Lord Ganesh, remover of all obstacles and God that blesses you with wisdom, knowledge, and success. In Hindu mythology Rat symbolizes the ‘Time’ that eats away everything and he is also the vehicle of Ganesh. So, by seeking the divine blessings of Lord Ganesh, you can take control of the month.

As per the Chinese Zodiac system the RAT is known for it’s ambitious and hardworking nature. The Rat Spirit bestows intelligence, inventiveness and money luck. Rat spirit is not cunning but has calculating nature.  Rat spirit encourages you to invest your time in good things, and provides you the energy to succeed in life by overcoming the challenges. The Rat spirit is powerful that helps you improve your emotional and spiritual health. Summon the Rat Spirit when you are in need of confidence to achieve your life goals.

As per Chinese astrology the house of Rat is in North and its element is Yang Water and color is blue or black. To activate Rat spirit, place golden Rat in the North. For the best business luck, cash flow and life opportunities, it is very important to invite the Rat spirit in your home by placing idol or picture of bejewelled Lord Ganesh riding on the mouse.

December Feng and Astrology:  

This last month of 2020 is going to be the most challenging month as monthly star and annual star is going to be the same in each sector by duplicating itself. The most important sector of the Ba-gua is Center sector, will be the host of 7-7 combination that indicates danger and loss of all kinds targeting us from all directions. So, it becomes inevitable, that we have made home Feng Shui strong by placing perfect cures and enhancer to mitigate the serious problems.    

North (Rat) – in his own year Rat will come under strong criticism. This is the month of emotional unrest for the Rat and homes with door in the North. Personal and professional relationship area has come under stress, disharmony and conflict due to 3 – 3 combination. Avoid interaction with the people and careful about your communication with others. Burn red candles in the North to defuse the anger energies.

NE (Ox & Tiger) – wonderful month for the Ox and Tiger and those who are residing in this sector. Double 1 star will bring victory. There is great amount of opportunity luck for those who are desperately want to grow the business. The best way to activate the lucky energies of this sector, hang six rods metal windchime or display picture of two dolphins in NE.

East (Rabbit) – duplication of 5yellow making Rabbit and east door homes danger zone. Combination double 5 indicates money loss, major illness and misfortune. It is better to avoid this sector or keep it calm and quiet. Display 5-rod metal windchime in this sector as traditional cure and display pair of Fu-dogs for protection.

Southeast (Dragon & Snake) – One of the most wonderful sectors this month as double six combination is bringing heavenly luck to SE door homes and animals of this sector. Display six multicolor crystals in SE to further enhance this sector and enjoy good fortune during the Xmas month.  Ideal sector to have Christmas tree in this sector. Place your 2021 goal chart in SE for manifestation. Activate the energies by playing Xmas carol music in SE.

South (Horse) – This sector is marred with 2-2 combination that can bring more sickness and danger related to COVID to south door homes and Horse sign people. Do not travel in south direction. One must avoid South sector to avoid major sickness or hospitalization. This is high-risk sector. Avoid candles or any red color object in the South. Try to move to other area if your bedroom is in the south. Place Golden Eagle or Medicine Buddha in the south as protection. You may also display Lord Hanuman or Dhanvantari to eliminate the danger of ill-health based on Hindu mythology, I have experienced this as very powerful remedy.

Southwest (Goat & Monkey) – this sector and homes with SW door as well as Goat and Monkey are blessed with relationship luck this month due to double 4 stars combination. This is the month to create more connections and friends in business and personal life. This sector is also enjoying the wonderful energies related to scholastic luck; so, students spend more time here to get better ranks. You can activate this sector by aroma candles or display chocolates in crystal bowl.

West (Rooster) – very lucky sector this month will benefit Rooster and West door homes. Double nine combination is offering speculative luck as well as fame and recognition for those associated with this sector. Keep this area active and make it your entertainment zone during festival time. To enhance the lucky energies of this sector and reap rewards, display red Rooster in the West. You can also use red Phoenix instead.

Northwest (Dog & Pig) – Super duper lucky sector due to the arrival of double Eight most auspicious combination. For Dog and Pig, it is time to cherish and enjoy the Xmas month. Fame and Money are all on your way. Enhance this sector by displaying Santa in the NW. To get best benefit, decorate it with Xmas lights (Blue color) and spend more time in NW.

Center (Soul & Family) – being the most influential sector of the Ba-gua one need to be extra careful during December as inauspicious double seven is occupying this area. Usually, this combination makes time unsafe, unstable and precarious, so we all need to be alert, cautious and mindful in all our activities. We need to take every possible step to protect and guard our family happiness and wealth. As remedy/cure display Xmas Angels or Blue Star in the center of your home. Color Blue is very important to weaken the unlucky energies of this sector. You may also display blue carpet or blue rhino to overcome the danger as traditional Feng Shui cure.   

In the Asian cultures Rats are considered auspicious symbols of good fortune in business. Rats are highly adaptable and relentless when trying to solve a problem. Remember, there is no Lord Ganesh without Rat.  

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