Feng Shui: Welcome to the month of ROOSTER, September 2020

Month of Rooster: September 8 to October 7

This colorful bird symbolizes new beginning and reminding you to “rise above the rest” Rooster energy provides you the courage and energy to let go your doubts, beliefs and fear. Don’t be afraid, step forward and act. This month is much to focus on mending your life and career, as Rooster spirit is all for the change and new beginning.  

In Chinese culture, people paint red Rooster on the wall to safeguard home from dangers; as a potent protector he drives away negative and evil energies away. It is also the directional bird that tells you about changing wind. It signifies the dawn and gives you the hope of the bright future.

If you are working on an important project or assignment, embrace the Rooster Spirit for its successful completion. Summon the Rooster’s spirit whenever support is needed in the challenging and critical time. Its crowing reminds us not the sunrise but more to be grateful for everything in life.

As per the Chinese astrology, Rooster resides in the West direction and its innate element is metal. To invite the Rooster spirit – display figurine of golden Rooster in the west sector of your house. You can activate the Rooster spirit by placing together Rooster and Golden Dragon in the west – this is an excellent activator for those who are having career in politics, public speaking and coaching. This will be also beneficial to those who are pursuing higher studies, authoring a book and gives you winning edge over competitors. Rooster energies also supports journalists, lawyers, teachers and leadership professionals. Roosters are usually successful Chartered Accountants.

Feng Shui & Astrology for the September 2020:

West (Rooster) – rooster and homes with west door, are very much under pressure due to the arrival monthly star #3, that will cause conflict at all level. This is the month tensions, fights and disputes as annual star #9 will multiply the negative effects of monthly star #3. Display peace symbols or meditation Buddha in the West to calm down the energies.

NW (Dog & Pig) – health will not cooperate due to the arrival of monthly illness star. However, NW door homes, Pig and Dog will enjoy excellent wealth and business luck as monthly and annual star forming the sum of ten this month. Place Golden Turtle to protect you against illness star and boost wealth luck as well. Follow all COVID rules.

North (Rat) – Rat and North door homes enjoying cash flow and promotion luck this month, as heavenly luck star #6 has arrives in the North. However, elemental disharmony will bring emotional stress. Rat will also experience lot of mood swings and will face disturbing situations. Place 6 rod metal wind-chime in the North for the improvement.

NE (Ox & Tiger) – arrival of Jade star #4 will bring academic and romance luck. Many will be able to find the job during COVID. Financial gains also indicated. Although, for married couples there is a danger of scandalous affairs. Avoid water element in this area. If you are single, then the monthly energies are in your favor. Place Golden Pagoda to get best and positive results this month.

EAST (Rabbit) – Rabbit and East door homes enjoying the great good fortune this month due to the presence of prosperity star #8. September is the month of business and money success. However, one need to be careful about annual star 5-Yellow; so avoid rush and don’t get too overconfident. Set realistic goals and save money as you get more money. Place the pair of Fu-dogs in the East to enjoy the good luck and avoid pit-falls.

SE (Snake & Dragon) – arrival of #9 star will bring dual kind of luck. This is the month of income rise, but elemental disharmony will cause disputes and fights. Place the “double happiness” sign or laughing Buddha in SE to cheer up the month.

SOUTH (Horse) – very inauspicious month for the Horse and South door homes. Star combination can cause major illness and money loss. This is the month of care and caution. Postpone all your important work and focus more on health and wealth. Avoid crystals in this area. Place the pictures of Angels or Lord Shiva for protection, additionally chant ‘Maha-Mritinjaya’ mantra.

SW (Goat & Monkey) – this is the month of cheating and betrayal. Additionally, there is the risk of accidents, injuries and robberies. To make this month peaceful, place water element in SW. Picture of confined water such as lake or pond is important. You may also place the water jug in SW to neutralize the negative energies. Tusk elephant or Blue Rhino statue with add solace to the month.

CENTRE – there is good news for all of us as victory white star #1 takes control of the monthly Ba-gua. Extremely beneficial for open layout concept. Keep this area active to enjoy the lucky energies of this sector. This will bring plenty of opportunities of growth to all of us during COVID time, so activate it with 6 rod metal wind-chime and place three leg money toad in the center.

Interestingly Rooster is considered as the Emperor of Peach Blossoms, so love and romance will be the highlights of the month. This month is excellent for dating success and even mending damaged relationship.   

Many Blessings
Deepak Jayakar
Designer & Feng Shui Master
Cell: 604 760 4858