Gifts are forever! Make them purposeful and meaningful with Feng Shui

Gift giving has long been a favorite tradition since ancient times. Giving gifts is a surprisingly important part of human interaction, helping strengthen the bonds of human connections. In current times, as people are frustrated with COVID so the sending gifts across will spread positive vibes altogether.

In romantic relationship, giving gift is obvious way a partner can show interest. Additionally, many times gift delivers stronger message than the spoken words. Giving gift has reciprocatively benefits; the receiver is happy receiving while it gives lot of the pleasure to giver knowing you’ve taken care of someone. In corporate world, Gift Giving technique is used to manage relationship at personal and professional level. Fundamentally, gift giving is an important part of many celebrations such as festivals, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, childbirth and house warming parties and so on. It is a medium of communicating emotions such as love, appreciation, gratitude, respect and joy. We give people gifts to show them that we are grateful for them and value the role they play in our lives.

Why not make this tradition more purposeful? Feng Shui infused gift ideas bring additional benefits to the recipient in terms of good luck related to health, wealth, love, and peace. They ensure growth, transformation, success and manifestation of the dreams in the life of recipient. It makes gift more auspicious, meaningful and significantly intentional. Following are my some feng shui inspired gift ideas to bring positive vibes and changes in the life of our significant ones. Scented candles – they are always considered as space energizer. They dispel the darkness and negativity; invite positive energies that support our emotional well-being. They enhance our relationship and family luck when placed in SW direction. They are most appropriate to give during Diwali and Xmas as they are the festivals of lights.

Aroma mist diffusers – they are wonderful to add as décor and immediately uplift the energies of the space. Fragrances since ancient times are used to purify the space and mind and invite all kind of auspiciousness in our life. When they are placed near
entrance give feeling of welcome to the guests, same time they invite prosperity to the occupants.

Pink Crystals – perfect gift for newly wed couple or married couple. It strengthens love and romantic bond. For singles, it helps attract soulmate. Pink Crystals also promotes tenderness and gentleness in your relationship. It balances the energy between two
partners and supports mutual trust and togetherness. This is also a perfect Valentine gift you can give to the person whom you adore most.

Lucky Bamboo plants – they add life, beauty and ambiance to the space, plus they require minimum maintenance. Bamboo plant is considered as wealth creator when placed in SE direction. You should gift nine or in multiple of nine bamboo stems for the best results.

Statue of Laughing Buddha – this is my most favorite Feng Shui item. It instantly brings lucky vibes, charm and joy to the space and to the occupants. It attracts happiness, and money luck. Buddha is a reminder to appreciate beauty in everyday life. This is a perfect
gift for any occasion.

Golden turtle – since ancient times Turtles are given lots of significance in many cultures of the world, as they symbolize longevity and protection. Golden Turtle on your office desk
protect you from competitors and enemies; plus, it ensures everlasting success. They also help you attract lasting good luck related to health and wealth when placed near your home

Mirror – framed mirror adds lot of beauty to the room. In Feng Shui, mirror expands the energy by expanding the space, so they attract the abundance. They are best recommended to be placed in foyer and dinning area.

A gift, no matter how small, the feelings, intentions and purpose behind make them precious. It is a gesture of bringing value to other person’s life. Perhaps that person needs a reminder that they are loved or maybe they need to know that they are so special to someone. Gifts make human bond stronger and world better. Remember, gifts are not always for others; you may also appreciate yourself by gifting on your own

About the author: Deepak is Canada’s most popular and sought after designer and Feng Shui Master. With over 25 years of experience, his passion for design has allowed him transform projects into outstanding spaces.