Online Dating: Be safe while you head out on this adventure!

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Dating and finding a soulmate is not a new trend nor are the safety measures one must take to ensure they are safe when meeting a new person in real life. Mostly the safety tips are for women but even men need to be alert and protect themselves from a heartbreak. Some very common and solid tips are like, don’t give your full name, your home and workplace address to a stranger you’ve just met on the internet. If you are a woman then you need to make sure you know more about the man than he does before you meet him for your first date.

These days online dating websites do a good job in protecting their members against fraud or any criminal activity, but no system is infallible. Therefore, it is advised to be cautious. For the first few days use the inbuilt chat and messaging tools provided by the website. And always meet at a public place for the first few dates and always make sure one of your friend or family member knows who you are meeting, when and where.

Do men have to be careful when seeking a partner online? Yes! Even men need to be careful because women too can lie or be sexual predators. As a man if you think you are safe and can handle every situation, don’t be overconfident. Do not give out your personal information early in the conversation. Golden rule: Don’t push to get personal information and don’t give out any till the time you are confident about the person. Even women can trick men into believing they are serious about relationship while hiding their intention to get some personal gains from the relationship. In fact, this applies to both men and women, like your address don’t share your financial information too early in the relationship, there is always a right time to share it – when the trust is absolute.

Don’t get pushed around in committing yourself if you are not yet ready. Display of insecurity, extreme possessiveness or needy behavior are the warning points. Ideally you should exit that relationship immediately before it becomes toxic. Dating should be fun, dating should be easy and yes, it should have loads of romance, pleasant surprises and it should ease into a healthy relationship. Go ahead, keep searching for your soulmate if you haven’t found one, and if you have met your special one via online dating, let us know, we will love to chat with you!

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