Open Layout Concepts – Are they good Feng Shui?

By Deepak Jayakar

Recently, I was asked whether an ‘Open Layout’ concept harnessed good Feng Shui energies. As always, it depends upon the circumstances; here’s my answer and why:

A wall-free living space sounds good in theory as it is initially designed to foster collaboration, barrier-free communication, bonding, and effective connectedness. However, recent studies have shown that the results are causing damage at the cognitive and Feng Shui levels.

On a practical level, Open Layouts cause distractions, interruptions, and even difficulty in hearing, resulting in the inability to process and make effective decisions properly. These combinations can overload our nervous system causing people to experience more stress and fatigue. Secondly, in open space, people often get sick as infectious germs spread very rapidly.

On a Feng Shui level, it is difficult to control the energy flow. The energies are disbursed rapidly in all directions causing chaotic energy flows resulting in homes and offices that are more stressful and less restful. When Feng Shui energies are uncontrolled, they cause us anxiousness and anxiety. At the end of every day, we are exhausted, drained, worn out, and unable to enjoy quality family time in the evening.

However, nowadays, people have realized the significance and value of walls and doors, their benefits such as improved focus and concentration. Scientific studies are also showing that people are happier, calmer, and more relaxed when they have control over their environment.

Spaces should continue to be designed considering everyone’s need for privacy and personal space for growth and wellbeing. Using Feng Shui principles, auspicious and beneficial energies can be harnessed if the energy flow is well-controlled and spaces are well-defined based on function. In context to Flying Star Formula, in open layout some energy grids are missed out, resulting in deficient energy structure; thus, homes and offices energetically not nurturing the growth. Moreover, occupants feel emotionally pressured, stressed, exhausted, and worn out.

Here are some tools recommended to create a healthy energy structure in open layouts by harnessing the auspicious energies:

  • Place live plants strategically to control energy flow. Since plants are live elements, they generate their own energy that beneficial for our cognitive health. Scientific studies show that the greener environment has many benefits that good for our mental health
  • Running water feature brings tranquility in our surrounding and make us feel more relaxed and calmer.
  • Silk or wool area rugs and drapes are considered as best Feng Shui. Silk and wool are natural materials that have a lot of properties that make energy flow smoother, so we are more focused and emotionally comfortable.
  • In open layout always surround yourself with wooden furniture as trees are our natural environment and they carry auspicious energy of the Sun that protects us against negative energy. Moreover, wooden furniture looks rich and throws out positive vibes making us feel secure and safe.
  • The use of crystal chandelier brings more earth energy that promotes a more stable energy structure in which our mind and nerves are more balanced to make positive choices for our life.

As per ancient wisdom, there is no better Feng Shui when you are in charge of your own space and experience freedom. Programing the intentional and purposeful Feng Shui of your environment is a kind of self-compassion you deserve to help you generate imagination and creativity.

All that remains for me is to wish you good luck with the new Feng Shui approach!

Yours in wellness

Deepak Jayakar, Feng Shui Designer