Sandy Dosanjh: An Inspiration

A Story of determination and dedication

by Aradhna Sharma

She is a style icon, she is a celebrity, she is a mother, she is a fitness expert. Sandy Dosanjh has transformed herself into from being a working woman with 9 to 5 job to a fitness pro. Talking to Aaarzu, Sandy shared some interesting twists and turns of her journey.

A decade ago, she was not into fitness at all. In her own words, “I had never been to a gym till the time I married Kal and moved here in Canada! Infact I had no clue about it and back in India, two decades ago, gym was not part of anyone’s routine not even in towns around my village.” Sandy was born in Talwandi Madho a small village in district Nakodar, Punjab, India. She came to Canada after her marriage to Kulvinder Dosanjh a.k.a Kal Dosanjh, a Law Enforcement Detective with VPD and CEO KidsPlay Foundation.

“Kal is a fitness enthusiast. He had a regime of going to gym after his work. When we got married, everything here was so new to me, for me being with Kal was the most important thing, so just to spend time with him, I started going to gym,” says Sandy with a smile. As the years passed, Sandy became mother of two children and she also happily put on weight.

In 2012, she decided to do something about her growing weight and joined gym. Then one thing led to other and in 2013 she got her fitness training certification. Before becoming a fitness pro and coach, Sandy used to work in a bank and is also licensed Life Insurance professional. In 2019, she won two titles – she stood 2nd in the Open, 2nd Masters of LBMC in March 2019; She ranked 3rd Vanpro in the International Show in July 2019; She finished first in her Masters Division class, and second in the Masters Open at the 2020 Vancity Showdown Open Show held in Oct 2020. Now all her fans and supporters are waiting for her Pro Show.

Talking about her family and how they reacted to her choice of becoming a fitness professional, Sandy says, “I am very lucky to have Kal as husband. Like a true-life partner, he has always stood with me. He is the one who in first place inspired me to be ‘me’ rather than just being a wife, a mother, a bank professional, a daughter or a daughter-in-law. At first, I had to convince my self that I really wanted to take up fitness as a profession. Coming from a simple farmer family in India, to being the wife of a VPD cop, I did transform myself, gained more experience and changed my own ideas and perception about many things. So when I decided to become a fitness trainer, the only thing I had to do was to convince people around me of how this profession is important to me and how being a fitness trainer I can bring change in lives of many people.” After seeing Sandy transform into a ‘fitness icon’ and a ‘fitness guru’, many South Asian women who have similar background and challenges like Sandy have approached her for classes and guidance. Sandy says,” I am so touched with words of appreciation I hear from women my age and sharing similar heritage. We understand each other and my only advice to them is take some time out for yourself. When you are happy, everything and everyone around you gets into the happy, calm zone.

One has to be mentally tough to be able to go through the regime to become a fitness pro. I had my ups and downs. But what motivated to keep going was the ‘good feeling’ I had after a rigorous work out, a sense of achievement and feeling of doing something special for yourself.” Adding further, Sandy talks about the reasons why one must take this journey, “The motive must be right. You must do it for your well-being. I truly believe anyone can improve their fitness level, you must keep pushing, be self-motivated and disciplined. In my case, I have Kal on my side. If I ever have second
thoughts, he inspires me, motivates me. So yes, having support from your loved ones goes a long way.”

She is working with Genuine Athletics as a trainer. Sandy says, “Helping others get fit and sustain the fitness level they want is the most satisfying part of my job, I simply love it!” She helps clients reach their fitness goals by creating personalized programs that not only push them to do more, but also makes them start loving the process!

Everyone has unique needs, someone want to lose body fat, some want to build lean muscle, or some want to speed up recovery from an injury or surgery. As a fitness coach, Sandy is helping a wide range of people especially South Asian woman who see her as their role model. Besides helping with weight loss or lean muscle gain, Sandy believes that fitness regime also organizes your nutrition intake which eventually improves mental and emotional health.

When women, learn the proper health and fitness techniques it can impact the overall health of a family. You will notice that if a mother is fit or health conscious, her children will be too. In Sandy’s case both her children see her and Kal work so hard to maintain healthy body and they too get inspired. Sandy signs off with following thought, “Fitness needs to be functional. The regime must be easy to do and sustain. It is not scaling a mountain, it is like rowing across an ocean with consistent effort, smile on your face and calm mind.”