Sarah Eské – Raising her voice for “Girl Up”

Vancouver is home to many brilliant young artists, one of them is Sarah Eské. Aaarzu spoke with Sarah about her music and the fundraiser “Girl Up”. Sarah has always been active in community charity events whether it’s the annual “Pink Shirt Day Ladies Luncheon” or “Mike and Manny’s” Olympic Ski Camp fund-raiser. In May of 2015, Sarah Eské received the SAGE Foundation Award of Excellence for her contributions to Anti-Bullying and Youth Mental Health initiatives. She is actively involved in some of the notable charities like the Amanda Todd Legacy Fund, The CKNW Orphan’s Fund, and the Battered and Abused Women of Vancouver’s Downtown East Side.

What is Girl Up campaign explain in little more detail. What are your deadlines? 

I have put together a fundraiser in collaboration with the United Nations “Girl Up Campaign” against Gender-Based-Violence. My goal is to raise $1,000 to enable a girl to attend the Girl Up Campaign Global Leadership Summit where she will learn hands-on leadership skills to reduce global Gender-Based Violence. My deadline for Girl Up is on September 15th, 2020.  Please let’s all spread the word!!

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What inspired you to write ‘Emotional Free For All’?

“Emotional Free For All” was inspired by a true story that changed the course of my life for the better during my teens – a breakup story that ended pretty badly.  I was so young and thought I knew what love was. Because of my deep commitment towards music I used the experience to become more focused which gave my pursuit more reason to become the best version of myself along the way.  It wasn’t an easy road, but it was necessary for me in order to discover myself. I decided to channel my energy towards a greater purpose – a continuous commitment to give back through music

How “Emotional Free For All” relates to “Girl Up” Campaign?

Emotional Free For All relates to Girl Up campaign because this was a personal story about a girl (me) that needed to know that she had an untapped power and a voice that mattered.  Girl Up is giving girls in developing countries that same opportunity!

Listen to Emotional Free For All

What first got you into music?

I first got into music during my first year of high school.  I actually didn’t know I could sing until a couple of girls from my school asked if I could join their pop group.  That lasted for about 8 months and gave me the opportunity to discover my voice and songwriting abilities during a time when music was a necessary outlet for me.  I knew that music was the path I wanted to pursue.

If you had not become a singer, what path you would have chosen in life? 

I would love to have had Anthony Bourdain’s career! Fashion Design and Interior Design are still on my bucket list of things to pursue as well.

Do you think your music fits into one particular genre?

I think my music ranges across contemporary pop, soul, R&B and neo-soul.  I do have my preferences – I would like to focus more on R&B down the road.  The emotion, feeling and tone in R&B music get me in my feelings the most.

 What are other pursuits besides music that inspire you? 

I’m very active so I’m always out doing fitness, yoga, cycling, various water activities (including kayaking), hiking and always travelling a lot!! retreats, shopping, trying new restaurants, reading and learning new things are always on my agenda!

Instagram: @saraheskemusic