Summer is here and now its time to go for those long drives! For this edition’s ‘Car I drive’ feature, we spoke with Hema Bhatt about her car, Mercedes Maybach S600.

Hema is a successful businessperson, a community leader; she and her husband run very successful Natu’oil. The company is the leading importer of packaged palm oil to North America for farm and food manufacturing industries. Talking about her car, Hema says, “This vehicle is the epitome of luxury, comfort, and class. As a firm believer in working hard and having attained success in my business, I can afford to have some comfort while I travel.”

“The Maybach is stretched elegantly, aerodynamically, and is sculpted to command the eye while on the road. Its smooth delivery of power is incredible with a V12 engine. Another must-have in the car I drive is a good auditory system. I love the three-dimensional sound system with 24 speakers and two rotating tweeters. It is 1540 watts of auditory bliss! Yes, this car comes with all the bells and whistles.”

Hema adds, “You don’t drive but get driven in it. My chauffeur loves it! “ She says she could go on about the features in the car, but the most she likes is the rear seat experience, which is like flying first class. The seat reclines, and a footrest helps you relax and stretch out. With a push of a button, the right-side rear seats move the front passenger seat forward so that you can lay down. Even a tall person would be comfortable. The massage, mood lighting, and fragrance add to the luxury. There are endless options available such as the heated and cool cup holders, individual TV screens that provide a wonderful movie experience. Besides, the four climate control options allow for me to set the temperature I prefer. The drop-down vanity mirrors are awesome and come in handy when checking your face before you step out of the vehicle.”

Talking about her dream car, Hema says, “My dream car would have to be something totally out of this world as a dream is something not within your ability to have at this moment. I don’t seem to have that concern right now. I am trying to move towards adopting the green car concept hopefully in the future, but for now, I shall enjoy cruising in my Black Beauty.”

She adds, “Sitting in an Aston Martin DB8 and going for a ride on the Autobahn in Germany was memorable. The adrenaline rush and heart-pumping that one feels are out of this world.”