Wear your confidence

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by Parry KhunKhun

“Confidence is something you create within yourself by believing in who you are.”

We often get carried away with what’s on the outside – curvy women are self-conscious of their weight while slim women wish they could fill out their AA bras. But what we all should realize is that women are beautiful at any size. It’s not about what’s on the outside, it’s all about being who you want to be, and having the confidence to rock your look!

Take control of how you feel about yourself from the inside. Life gets easier when you genuinely feel an inner confidence and are truly comfortable in your own skin, radiate openness with others, and have an understanding of what makes you unique. Well-made, well-designed clothes that create definition and enhance your appearance can also empower you to feel good about who you are. When a woman is confident and radiant she is always beautiful.

Here are 5 steps women can follow to slay their inner confidence and personal style:

#1 Practice Positivity Positivity is not naive – it’s a sign of strength. Watch your self-talk and the way you talk about yourself with others. Are you calling yourself too fat or too skinny? Are you putting your appearance down to others? A tip is to graciously accept compliments, it will give you an instant boost of confidence.

#2 Step into Your Personal Power Personal power is not about using force or manipulation to overcome someone, but rather, it’s about realizing your natural state of goodness. It’s about trusting your worth. It’s about using your energy and confidence to make a positive difference by simply being yourself and loving it.

#3 Tailoring Well tailored clothes can make a huge difference in the way your outfit flatters your specific body shape. Avoid wearing anything that is not fitting right; take the time to shop around or get items tailored to fit properly. And remember that we are all different and can’t possibly fit into generic small, medium, large sizes – it’s perfectly acceptable to get clothes altered to fit your body.

#4 Choose the Right Undergarments and Shapewear To have a nice outfit isn’t enough sometimes, it’s also important to tuck the lumps and bulges or give shape to your breasts in order to feel confident. Don’t be afraid to try Shapewear, it is designed to smooth out any bumps and can give you a gorgeous base for the garments to drape. And get fitted for the right size bra, it will make all the difference when your lines are clean.

#5 Avoid Oversize Clothing Stop trying to camouflage your body with clothes that actually make you look bigger than you are. Instead, show off your sexy figure by choosing well-fitted clothes that flatter your shape and enhance your femininity.

Use these tips to help guide you but ultimately, your self confidence is the best outfit. So, whatever you are wearing, own it and rock it!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Parry is best known as a Style Coach and Makeup Artist that is motivated to assist others in creating a style which reflects their own expression of themselves.