Welcome Fall with Spectacular Larch Trees

Every season has its distinct colors, shades, and hues. Fall is no different, in fact the shades of fall especially the golden hues are like crowing glory on vast and mesmerising landscapes. We are lucky to live in one the most beautiful places on the earth and to witness the nature change its spring summer greens, pinks and multitude of colors to enchanting goldens, burnt oranges and stunning reds!

Trees like Balsam Poplar, Big Leaf Maple, Lodgepole Pine, Larch, Western Hemlock, Western Red Cedar dot the beautiful valleys, forests and landscapes of both British Columbia and Alberta. In Fall, Western Canada especially glows in the golden hues of Larch. Larch is the Latin name for conifers of genus Larix of the pine family (Pinaceae). BC and Alberta have three species of Larch – Tamarack Larch found in Eastern BC, Alpine Larch seen in higher elevations in Southern BC and Alberta, and Western Larch mostly found in southern BC and southwestern Alberta. Larch trees are the only deciduous conifers that turn golden yellow in Fall and shed leaves.

Let’s explore some of the places you can visit to soak in the colors of Fall, especially see the Larch in all its glory!

Kimberly Nature Park

Located in the city of Kimberley in the foothills of Purcell mountain range, Kimberly Nature Park is 840-hectare nature park. Of the 50 odd hikes and trials, there are two larch viewing hikes which you go on. Guided tours are also available. Contact Kimberley Park Society to learn more about the tours.

Cranbrook Community Forest

Located in the Southern Interior Mountains between the valley created by Purcell and Rocky Mountain ranges, Cranbrook Community Forest is a great place to view Larch in their fall glory. Some of the areas in the forest for best viewing locations are South of Cranbrook, in the Gold Creek area and South Star Recreation Trail.

Frosty Mountain Trail of E.C Manning Provincial Park

BC’s Cascade Mountains are home to a one the best spots to view the golden Larch. The Frosty mountain trail leads to the famous larch area. The Larch trees are endowed with gold color and look magnificent with the Frosty mountain in the backdrop. The view is breathtaking!

Like British Columbia, Alberta too has numerous Larch view hikes.

Other places to hike and see Larch in BC and Alberta

British Columbia

  • Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park
  • Cathedral Provincial Park and Protected Area
  • The Columbia Valley


  • Taylor Lake
  • Saddleback near Lake Louise
  • Boulder Pass
  • Healy Pass Trail, Banff National Park