Welcome to the month of the Monkey, August 2020

What is in store for you in August?

Fengshui Aaarzu

It is a month (8th August to 7th September) to get out of your rut life and push your career and life on the success path. Monkey is a social animal with analytical and interactive mind. This great humor animal is known for finding the solution to the toughest problems of life.

Monkey spirit highly favors the entrepreneurs and self-made individuals. It helps you get recognition to your talents, skills and unique abilities. August is the month that is greatly influenced by Monkey’s spirit and it is telling you to be aggressive in event participation, networking and marketing – get known to the larger audience through social media; be an exposure worrier – is the key to be successful in his own month August.

Monkey month helps you to connect to your soul and rediscover your creative mind, be playful and find happiness in every little thing you do. Awaken the Monkey Spirit to get out of boring life and career, and be adventurous to take ambitious plans.

In Chinese zodiac the Monkey sign is located in SW and its element is metal. Remember, Monkey carries the resourcefulness of Earth and sharpness of Metal, so place metal or earth solid sculpture is SW of your living room or bedroom to activate the Monkey spirit.  When Monkey spirit will enter your life, it will bring endless opportunities of growth and ability to monetize on your talents. Another impressive way to attract Monkey energies in your home or office is to place Double Happiness sign in SW sector.

As per Hindu mythology Monkey represents Lord Hanuman – the symbol of great health, power, bravery, cleverness, diplomacy and devotion. Display idol or picture of Hanuman in SW or on top of your entrance door (outside)as protection against negative energy and attract success in all endeavours.

Tip of the month – Display sculpture of Monkey riding victory Horse in SW to activate business and life success luck. Extremely beneficial for those born in Snake year and people born between 3 pm and 5 pm time.

Feng Shui luck forecast for August 2020:

Yet another good month for all of us as three Ho-Tu combinations are taking place in monthly Ba-gua to make the month more promising. It is a summer month and telling you to venture out to meet new people and more new connections. Obviously, we all need to follow Social Distancing rules and wear mask, so our face resembles like monkey in the Monkey month.

SW (Monkey & Goat) – in his own month Wealth luck shining on Monkey and Goat with prosperity star #8 has arrived in SW. This will be an excellent month to all homes with main door located in SW. Auspicious star #8 will boost business luck of the occupants of this area. During current year, SW also enjoys excellent academic luck. Place running water feature in SW to activate the energy to enjoy more money luck coming on your way. This is n excellent month for Goat and Monkey to start new career or business; success is almost sure.

West (Rooster) – amazing sector this month with Ho-Tu combination of 4-9 that brings lots of business success luck and romance energy to Rooster and West door homes. This combination also supports scholastic luck, and good for all students. To boost your business luck, place golden dragon in West and to boost your romance luck place the pair of mandarin ducks; for academic success enhance it with Golden pagoda.

Northwest (Dog & Pig) – arrival of quarrelsome star #3 will bring disputes and disharmony in relationship. However, annual star 8 and monthly star 3 are creating the Ho-Tu combination of 3-8 that supports political and competition luck. So’ Dog and Pig will be in the position of advantage in business deal if they know how to use diplomacy to their advantage. Don’t get into any arguments and debates, otherwise it is manageable month. Introduce red color object (pillows, flowers, candles or rug) in NW to get positive results.

North (Rat) – the month of care and caution for the Rat and North door homes. Arrival of #7 star brings the danger of cheating, violence, theft and accidents. Defuse this star with water element, or place blue rhino in the North. However, monthly star 7 is forming the sum of ten with annual star 3 brings money luck, that can be enhanced with picture of lake Louise on the North wall.

Northeast (Ox & Tiger) – very troubled sector this month due to the arrival of misfortune star 5-Yellow in NE. Ox, Tiger and NE door homes will have challenges ahead in terms of delays, sickness, money loss and relationship stress. Keep this area as calm as possible. Place Meditation Buddha or Laughing Buddha in NE. Indeed, a chaotic month. Neutralize the inauspicious energies with spirituality. Chant Aum Namah Shivaya! everyday for protection.

East (Rabbit) – Extremely inauspicious sector this month as multiplying star #9 units with misfortune annual star #5 will mainly affect the Rabbit, East door homes and occupants of the East sector. East is marred with bad luck related to health, wealth and relationship. There is possibility that some East countries may get natural disaster. Keep this sector inactive or locked. Avoid being here for long time and don’t sleep in this sector. Traditional remedy is to chant Maha-Mritinjaya Mantra or display lord Shiva in the East

SE (Dragon & Snake) – Extremely positive month ahead for Dragon and Snake as monthly Victory star #1 is paired with annual heavenly star #6 – creating auspicious Ho-Tu combination of 1-6 that supports success and victory in all endeavors. Get full benefit from this lucky sector by placing Lava lamp in SE. You can also enhance the energies of this sector by placing Wind Horse or by displaying the picture of flying cranes on SE wall.  Most powerful enhancer is to display the Sail Boat in SE sector, place with orientation of sailing in from SE. Place your Goal Chart in SE to manifest your dreams.

South (Horse) – there is a great amount of speculation, gambling and mentor luck in South this month due to conjunction of #2 and #6. Place lottery ticket here to try your luck. Some times this combination also brings the sickness. Smudge sage or display Garuda to overcome sickness danger. To turn money luck in your favour, display wealth vase or money tree in the South.

Centre (Soul & Family) – It is very important sector and is occupied by two stars #2 and #7 have good and bad influences. On bad side, it will renew the danger of COVID for entire family. You can overcome the danger by displaying Lord Hanuman or Ganesha in the centre. On good side, it brings you Big Money Luck that everyone needs. Display lord Kubera and Vajra to attract wealth luck and reduce the danger of illness.

Overall, Monkey month is summer month in northern hemisphere, telling you to take control of your life and awaken your cheerful spirit. Take some time off to have fun, laugh and enjoy life. Monkey is known for unmatched cleverness, so, keep moving, and be innovative. Get out of your comfort zone, try new ways of doing things and be adventurous to be successful.

Many blessings from your Feng Shui Master and friend.

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