Bliss or Bust?

by Deepak Jayakar

Many have increasingly turned to Feng Shui remedies with the hopes of finding a solution for their relationship woes. Whether you want to bless a new relationship or polish up one that has lost its lustre, Feng Shui can help.

One of the keys to an effective partnership is having a solid romantic footing. Even the best marriages can undergo stress if the energy of the house is unsuitable, despite both partners being astrologically compatible. Due to an irregular house shape or faulty layout such as having your washroom located in an unsuitable space, it may work against the flow of energy, which can cause relationship issues. In Feng Shui, the North West (NW) corner of your house is the sector of the man and South West (SW) is the sector of the woman. If either of the sectors is missing, it is possible that either the masculine or the feminine energy is also missing, which is considered a serious Feng Shui affliction.

Indeed, when the SW corner representing love, romance and marriage has good Feng Shui, the couple will enjoy harmony and happiness. To strengthen SW, it is recommended to use an anchor in this corner which is a combination of pink and clear crystals, or a symbol of your love. Displaying a sign of ‘Double Happiness’ or ‘Mystic Knot’ in SW is a very powerful enhancer of your love, romance, marriage and relationship luck.

For missing or afflicted NW, which is the corner that represents the patriarch or breadwinner, try placing a golden metal turtle or bowl full of metal coins so that the energy in this corner holds more weight. NW is also responsible for enhancing your heavenly luck. Thus, never have NW missing in any house.

To ensure mutual respect, understanding, pride and harmony, one can always focus on the Northeast (NE) sector. Many marriages suffer from ego, misunderstanding, doubts and infidelity, where NE is culprit. My personal recommendation – never have any plant or water feature in this sector. Instead, make this sector stronger by placing earthen vases or ceramic plates, crystals, and aroma candles which will instantly energize your NE.

A warm, inviting and graceful bedroom is like heaven where auspicious Feng Shui can help couples to resolve differences and misunderstandings by promoting emotional compatibility. Create powerful energy in the bedroom with accent pillows, dimming lights, area rugs, soft and satin bed linen to promote intimacy, passion and pleasure. Furniture made from natural materials works well in the bedroom. Wood such as pine, oak, teak delivers earth’s energy. However, avoid plants in the bedroom. Likewise, I recommend not to have a fireplace in the bedroom as fire is a hot and chaotic element, making the relationship unstable.

Never have large mirrors in the bedroom that either face you while lying in bed or situated above you, reflecting you when you sleep. Mirrors in the bedroom which are just opposite the bed are very inauspicious Feng Shui for relationships and suggest the intrusion of a third party coming between you, encouraging you to be unfaithful towards each other. Simultaneously, never have a fishpond or water feature located in the bedroom or on the right-hand side of your main entry door. Having, a water body on right side of the main door, in some circumstances can bring great wealth to the household, but the consequence is that husband will have a tendency to stray.

Be sure that there is no clutter, in, around and under your bed. Remove work projects, accounting papers and bills. If you are one of those people who stores work papers, bills or files in the bedroom, stop immediately. Your romance will be more enjoyable because work and finance stress will not plague you during the night.

The most popular relationship enhancer in Feng Shui is a pair of Mandarin Ducks. They are recognized as symbol of strong and long-lasting love. You can place this figurine in the personal relationship corner of your bedroom, house or even your office in order to improve your relationship luck. Another remedy is to display picture of peonies outside of your bedroom door to encourage love and romance.