by Allie Cooper

Getting married is a big step. Since you have already decided to spend your lives together, living under the same roof is just one of many big steps that you and your partner will share. Before you start sharing a toothbrush holder, consider these tips for making the move as straightforward and stylish as possible.

First of all, how much stuff you do own between the two of you? No one needs two toasters, two sets of bar stools or two vacuums. Analyze what duplicate items you have, choose the one you like best, and get rid of or donate the other one. Simple as that.

Two – figure out how to find common ground between each of your personal styles. Everyone has their own taste, so sometimes there is a real compromise about how to style your home. Come to think of it, isn’t compromise what marriage is all about?!

Whether your style is contemporary, traditional, or somewhere in between, work with your partner to find a balance. You can either find pieces that either meet in the middle, or have certain rooms be designated to each of you to fully express YOU.

Thirdly, if you are not in a position to buy all new items when first moving in, don’t worry! It is far better to use all that Ikea furniture for a year or so while you save up money, then it is to buy cheap pieces that you don’t really love. I always say that it is better to invest in a piece that you love and will move with you, then to settle on something else in the interim. Not only will this allow you to really put together a home that feels truly yours, but investing in quality pieces is better for the environment and your wallet overall.

After you have evaluated what you own together, stripped down the things you don’t need and infused your own personal style, you can see the gaps in your home and from here, add these items to your wedding registry! It is best to take inventory prior to registering for your wedding to know for certain what your needs are.

You want to build up your new life together and by knowing what your needs are and what types of activities you do in your home, the more useful a registry will be for you.
And that is the fun part (apart from getting married, of course)!