An age-old tradition.  A modern debate.

It’s that time of year again when married women will wake up early in the morning and have something called sargi, served with love by the mother-in-law or other older woman of the household.  The sargi is a form of blessings and contains some delicious food items such as sweets, savories, dry fruit, coconuts, sevvaiyan, fruit, paranthas (Indian version of flatbread) and more to help the women during their day-long fast without food or water.  These women will observe this fast based on the ancient myth that by doing so they would be pleasing the Gods and obtaining longevity, safety and success.  The women will go without food or water until they see the moon and the husband offers them water and food to break the fast.   

The modern debates are many.  Why should just the women observe such a difficult fast? How healthy is it to starve yourself for the entire day? Why show your love and respect to your significant other on just one day? Do you not pray for his well-being the rest of the year?

Well, we can sit here and debate OR we can just enjoy glamorous pictures of our favorite Bollywood stars and see how they celebrated this auspicious occasion!